Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions at XLASH.  If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to e-mail

How does Xlash Work?

Xlash works by prolonging and enhancing the growth cycle of the eyelashes, as well as stimulating the hair follicles, which makes the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

Can I use Xlash while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The safety of Xlash has been demonstrated in multiple studies conducted by independent research laboratories. Xlash has been shown in these tests to be safe when exposed onto the skin and on the eyes in adult study subjects.

However, no studies have been conducted on pregnant or breastfeeding women with any Eyelash serum on the market. We have no scientific reason to believe that Xlash poses a safety risk to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We have had pregnant costumers that have used our products without any problems. We advise that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding that you first consult with your physician, before using Xlash Eyelash Serum.

Can I use Xlash eyelash serum on the eyebrows?

Yes, it works fine to use the Xlash serum on your eyebrows. Apply on the area where you would like the growth to take place. However, we recommend you to use our other product Xbrow Eyebrow Serum which has a new and improved formula specifically designed for eyebrows.

Should I use Xlash twice daily to get better results?

We do not recommended extended use of Xlash.  Xlash is to be used once a day to get richer and more beautiful lashes. 

Is it ok to use makeup while using Xlash?

We recommend you completely remove all makeup and impurities before applying your Xlash serum. Once your Xlash has completely dried you can apply your makeup as normal.

Has Xlash been tested on animals?

Xlash has NOT in any way or form been tested on animals. Xlash has a proven formula which has been developed after tests only on humans.

How long will a tube of Xlash Eyelash Serum last?

A tube of Xlash (3ml) will last for approximately 3-4 months, with daily use. Xlash PRO (6ml) will last for approximately 6-8 months, with daily use. Each product will last much longer during the maintenance phase of lashes.

How often and time of the day should I apply Xlash?

We recommend you apply Xlash daily, in the evening, after removing all makeup and impurities. Apply at least one hour prior to bed. 

What happens if I forget to apply Xlash?

If you forget or skip to apply Xlash at night, simply continue as usual next evening. Consistent use of the product is key to quickly achieve a result that is long-lasting.

 How long will it take before I can see results on my eyelashes?

The tests we have performed show that it takes approximately 4 weeks before you can see a remarkable improvement of the quality of your lashes. We do, however, recommend that you keep using Xlash for at least 4-6 weeks in order to accomplish a good result. Our tests have also showed that many people can achieve the same result much quicker than 4-6 weeks.

How long can I expect the result to last?

It is very individual how long the result will last. We do have customers who say they have had longer eyelashes one year after they stopped using Xlash. Xlash provides long lasting results, but not forever lasting results, since eyelashes have a natural life cycle.

Cleansing your skin morning and night is one of the most basic, yet critical, steps to a achieve glowing, healthy clear skin. A good cleanser effectively removes excess oil, dirt and impurities without leaving skin feeling either clogged or stripped dry.

In order for your cleanser to work optimally and in harmony with your skin, select a cleanser suitable to your skin type.

Each skin type has different needs, so it’s important to understand yours.  Below we outline four skin types (normal, oily, combination, dry) and two skin conditions (sensitive and for men) and match a cleanser to each from our range.

NOT SURE OF YOUR SKIN TYPE? Your skin type is the primary feel and appearance of your skin 30 mintues after cleansing, patting dry and leaving bare. Examine your skin cloesly and match to one of the descriptions below.

FINALLY, your skin changes with the seasons and as you move through the different stages of life. We recommend you regularly take time to observe the condition of your skin.


Dry skin typically lacks naturally occurring oils and can appear dull and feel rough, scaly or tight to touch.

A cream or oil cleanser can work best for dry skin types, as they gently cleanse without further drying your skin out while at the same soften and nourishing the skin.  

Our MARIA AKERBERG Pre Cleansing Oil and MARIA AKERBERG Olive Cleansing are both excellent products for dry or mature skin. Each effectively removes make-up and lifts impurities from your skin, while nourishing and preserving moisture. If you prefer a rich, yet foaming cleanser, we recommend LERNBERGER STAFSING Gel Cleanser.


Oily Skin can appear shiny and feel greasy, both throughout the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and sometimes in other areas of the face. Oily skin types can also have enlarged pores and be prone to breakouts.

Oily skin benefits from either gel or gentle foaming cleansers, as they clean without being too heavy on the skin. 

Our MARIA AKERBERG Foaming Wash Clearing is excellent for oily, problem skin prone to acne or breakouts. It will gently clean your skin and clear it of impurities, while preserving its natural barrier function. 


Being neither dry nor oily, normal skin is balanced. Pores are generally small, the skin's texture is smooth and is less likely to break out or develop patches of sensitivity.

Normal skin types will tolerate most cleanser formats (foam, cream, gel) - the key is finding one you enjoy and keeps your skin in balance while effectively cleansing.

Our recommendation would be to start with either LERNBERGER STAFSING Gel Cleanser or MARIA AKERBERG Foaming Wash Gentle.


With combination skin some areas of the face are dry and others are oily.  Typically the t-zone appears oily while the cheeks are either dry or normal.

As combination skin is both dry and oily, it benefits from various cleanser consistencies.

If your skin feels tight after using a gel cleanser then you should swap to an oil or cream. If you have sensitive areas then address these first.

If your skin is, on balance, more dry than oily, we recommend LERNBERGER STAFSING Gel Cleanser or MARIA AKERBERG Foaming Wash Gentle. If your skin is more oily than dry we recommend MARIA AKERBERG Foaming Wash Clearing.


Sensitive skin can occur no matter what your skin type.  You can have oily and sensitive skin, dry and sensitive skin or combination and sensitive skin. 

Hallmarks of sensitive skin are red, dry patches on your face that may burn or itch. Often this sensitivity can be caused by environmental factors, lifestyle or ingredients in your skincare products.

If you have sensitive skin which is oilier we recommend MARIA AKERBERG Foaming Wash Gentle. For sensitive skin which is drier we recommend MARIA AKERBERG Olive Cleansing.

Men’s skin is oilier and more blemish-prone than women’s skin. It has larger pore size, which makes it an easier target for bacterial attacks. It is also thicker, has a slightly lower pH and is more sensitive due to daily shaving. It ages later than women’s skin, but the signs of ageing are often more apparent. These are some of the factors we have taken into account when selecting Recipe For Men skincare range. We recommend Recipe for Men Facial Cleanser, or Ultra Sensitive Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin.

Finally, Many of our cleansers come in sample or travel or trial size so sometimes it is about experimenting which suits your skin and cleansing goals best. Click HERE to exploire or trial sized skincare.