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Our Story

Founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, (M)ANASI 7 is a beauty brand that merges the high performance and colour pay-off of conventional beauty products with the nourishing and healing properties of natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients.

Our Founder

With more than 20 years of experience as a makeup artist and more than 8 years as a product developer, the founder of (M)ANASI 7, Susanne Manasi, has a great knowledge of cosmetic formulas and the wide range of beauty products and colours available to the customers. With an approach to product development that is at the same time deeply thoughtful and refreshingly boundary-crushing, she is always one step ahead. Her professional experience combined with her natural lifestyle and knowledge about nutrition, started her mission to create beauty products that nourish our skin and our environment, without having to compromise on premium quality or high performance.

Declaration of 7

To achieve the highest quality possible, we have created a manifesto to set the minimum requirements for the whole production cycle when creating a product or working with the (M)ANASI 7 brand. This is called the declaration of (7).

The declaration of (7) is the foundation of our values, our vision, our responsibilities and our core building blocks. It includes our criteria for uncompromising quality and is based on Susanne Manasi's profound experience and knowledge as a makeup artist.

Our Collection

The collection is designed and developed in Stockholm, Sweden by our professional makeup artist and founder and produced in Italy. We offer the best possible compositions of ingredients and shades that deliver a top-grade sensorial feeling, high pay-off and desired result. We want to work to bridge the gap between the great colour pay-off and high performance of conventional beauty products and the nourishing and healing properties or natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients by understanding for the good of both systems and show how they can work together to complement each other and create balance. Our carefully selected biodegradable formulas are organically decomposed back into the Earth. The ability to live and do things consciously, in health and in balance together with creativity is our main goal.


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