"We put our heart and soul into creating a long-lasting, flawless base that enhances your natural beauty. We cannot wait to surprise and delight you with our range!"

Helena and Emma, Co-Founders, Minolei


Minolei is a Swedish award-winning innovation in base makeup that has quickly become a favourite amongst customers and makeup artists for its long-lasting effects with glowing and natural skin results.

Formulated in Sweden by two professional makeup artists with a passion in solving the makeup challenges of long-lasting base makeup that feels amazing on the skin and nourishes all skin types.

Every product we create must deliver a solution and make a difference for you, regardless of whether you use the products together or separately.

We commenced our journey solving this problem for combination and oily skin. However, we quickly discovered our products were being loved by all skin types. We wish to share that message within the world of beauty.

Minolei is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. Their products contain no fragrance or perfumes and only ingredients that enhance overall skin health.


Minolei was founded by two professionally trained makeup artists, Emma Filipsson and Helena Amiley. They were seeking glowing, natural skin for themselves and their clients.

The idea for Minolei first arose when Helena with combination skin struggled to find products for herself and her customers that would remain glowing and flawless on the skin without dissolving throughout the day. She would barely be finished with her eye makeup before she wanted to touch up her powder, and after three hours, makeup worn away and the skin was shiny. The only solution back then was to teach herself and others how to touch up the makeup throughout the day.

Emma, who had previously been working with developing new and existing beauty brands, with a passion to start her own business. Emma is challenged with dry skin, always sought that perfect base that nourishes her skin throughout the day, maintains glow and doesn't cake or drying it out even further.

Emma and Helena worked with an ever-changing climate in Sweden and wanted to create a set that takes you through the seasons while delivering an optimal outcome for you and your skin. After almost three years of product development, the pair launched Minolei during the Summer of 2023.


Better together - great on its own. Designed to be used together, but also works perfectly solo.

Together, Minolei has developed an innovative base makeup concept called The Uniset Effect, a combination of the words ”unifying” and ”setting”. It’s a 3-step routine consisting of a trio of products — primer, foundation, and powder.  Each product has been created to work together but also multitasks individually. They contain ingredients that perform to their purpose and enhance overall skin health.

Our aim was to create a flawless base to ensure our customers feel confident in their skin without having to worry about makeup smudging or dissolving throughout the day (or night) or having to touch up several times a day. So that’s what they set their minds to and created. 

Minolei has recently celebrated unprecedented recognition of its products, winning at the 2024 Swedish beauty awards for best base product in its price category and a Swedish Beauty Oscar for best foundation. Each award represents a significant accolade for a new brand that operates within a highly convoluted beauty space.


At Minolei, sustainability is a strong and important pillar. We are conscious about our production and processes and aim to be as considerate as possible toward humankind and nature. This concept permeates throughout our entire business, from packaging and design to consciously choosing ingredients, as well as how our products are manufactured and transported.

All our products use recyclable packaging made from 100% plastic and can be easily sorted in plastic recycling. When possible, we will always choose packaging made up of a single material (instead of a mix of plastic, metals and mirrors) to ensure successful recycling. Our pretty, speckled boxes are made from waste material from cocoa bean shells; the material is FSC™ certified and contains 40% recycled material. We believe 'less is more' in all aspects, including printing techniques and colour choices.

Our warehouse packs products using an automatic packing machine that scans each order and customises the packaging material for each shipment. This ensures we do not transport with large amounts of air and pack with fewer materials. Our products and components are transported from suppliers using sea and road freight. We avoid air transportation as much as possible.

We follow cosmetics legislation within the EU that pertains to production of cosmetics and use of ingredients, as well as the national cosmetic legislation for Sweden. We have our own internal blacklist of ingredients that we do not approve of in our formulas and focus only on ingredients which enhance skin health. The Skin Wardrobe contains the Swedish SKINFO app within their product ingredient pages to ensure ingredient transparency using scientific sources, building consumer education and trust.