​"I want to make the world a more beautiful place. One natural product at a time."

Maria Åkerberg, Founder

Our Story

MARIA ÅKERBERG was founded in 1995 and is Sweden's largest and most awarded supplier of organic beauty products.

We believe in skincare that brings out our natural beauty and nourishes deep within the skin for long-lasting results. We want to help the skin support itself with products that work deep within the skin to nourish, moisturise and reconstruct the skin’s natural protective barrier. This is a philosophy that guides us in all we do and it anchors our brand promise.

Skin needs to be healthy in order to absorb nourishment and protect. The skin consists of three layers, each affected differently by different ingredients. Our deep reaching skincare products are based on natural minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients that interact to soothe, protect and strengthen all of the skin’s layers - without damaging or interfering with the natural processes of the body or our environment. We call this Deepskin Organics®.

Our Founder

The brand was founded by Maria Åkerberg (herself, a qualified chemist who retrained as a skin care therapist) who founded her own skincare salon with the view to providing honest skincare which wasn’t using synthetic shortcuts or compromising on quality.

Maria believes selecting the wrong skincare for your skin will not only make a dent in your wallet but compromise your skin and the environment. Maria set about formulating and developing her own skincare, haircare and bodycare line - the start of a complete range which has now become one of the most recognised and awarded organic brands in Scandinavia.

MARIA ÅKERBERG products have been awarded numerous organic beauty and skincare awards in Scandinavia. In 2017 Maria won Swedish Entrepreneur of the Year for her commitment to business, innovation and the environment. 


All MARIA ÅKERBERG products are made up of organically certified plant and mineral ingredients which are vegan and cruelty-free. We do believe that bees are part of a healthy ecosystem and that is why we use Beeswax and Honey in some of our products.

At The Skin Wardrobe we proudly offer an extensive range of MARIA ÅKERBERG best-selling products. We are present in the skincare, haircare, bodycare and cosmetic categories. This range represents both the most popular products and those which suit our customer for every season. We update our ranges regularly to ensure you can build a complete routine to meet your needs in line with all seasons. We also offer a curated selection of spa and cosmetic accessory products to complement our existing ranges.


Maria Åkerberg's philosophy has always been to produce all natural organic products because she believes that these ingredients in skincare products affect our skin in a positive manner while being in harmony with the environment. They want to make a difference with skincare that is good for the body as well as the planet.

From the factory in the small, coastal town of Frillesås, Sweden we do our part for a better world, one non-toxic product at a time. Our natural minerals and organic ingredients are purchased straight from local growers, playing a great part in our strength and success. Caring for the planet has always been natural to us, long before sustainability became a fashion statement.

Our dedication to sustainability is deeply ingrained in all parts of our company, manifesting itself in conscious purchasing, transportation and energy consumption. All of Maria Åkerberg’s products and packages are environmentally friendly. All packaging can be composted, recycled or reused. There is also no additional boxing or wrap in any of our products.