"Our products are not just protection, they keep your skin balanced, nourished and hydrated. Protective beauty for all year round use - we call it our sun care routine."

Kajsa & Sigrid, Co-Founders

Our Story

Gun Ana is the name of an ancient sun goddess. Her rays were seen as the link between the earth and the people.

This link is something we've had in mind when creating our Gun Ana products, choosing the best ingredients to protect and enhance your skin that are kind to our planet, animals, and oceans.

Our sun care products are produced on the Swedish West Coast where both founders have their roots. We’ve always loved this part of Sweden and we’re excited that our products are born in the same place as we were. 

Our products are vegan, cruelty free and are pregnancy & breast-feeding safe. Every product is earth & reef friendly.


Gun Ana is founded by two friends and suncare enthusiasts, Kajsa Regnér and Sigrid Osvald.

"We are both from the west coast of Sweden and became friends while doing a skiing season in the French alps many years ago. We both love the outdoors - whether it is by the ocean in the summer or on the mountains in the winter - even when it comes to daily life while living in the city.

We have a deep appreciation of the importance of suncare when it comes to keeping your skin healthy but felt we were missing a more premium and multifunctional product in the market.

We started researching filter alternatives, ingredients and available products and together with our amazing chemist we started developing our unique formulations. We wanted to create a user friendly, multipurpose product with active ingredients, nice scents and with a circular packaging from waste plastics."

From here Gun Ana was born!


Formulated and produced in Sweden, Gun Ana offers a range of facial and body care products of the highest broad spectrum UV filter protection.

All our products are multipurpose with active core natural ingredients including rose-hip oil, wheat germ oil and oat oil. We focus on keeping your skin hydrated and nourished, protecting the skin barrier and of course with added broad spectrum SPF. We call it Protective Beauty. 

We use synthetic UV filters in our products because they are more user friendly, lighter and don’t leave a white cast on your skin. We have been careful in our selection of filters and use modern combinations for a broad UV protection. We don’t use Benzophenone, Homosalate, Octinoxate or Oxybenzone in any of our formulations. 

The Skin Wardrobe offers our full range, including SPF50 protecting Face Cream & UV Stick and UV Body Mist in SPF30 & SPF50 variants. In 2024 Gun Ana range will further support facial & body care products to enhance your sun and skin care needs.


We believe in being kind to our environment and all living beings. We do not use any ingredients that are tested on animals and all products are vegan, meaning no animal-derived ingredients are used in our products.

Our sun care products are produced on the Swedish west coast where both founders have their roots. We’ve always loved this part of Sweden and we’re excited that our products are born in the same place as we were. We believe in local supply chains in order to minimize the transportation, lead times and CO2 output. We think it's important to stay close to our suppliers and work closely with them to develop the best suncare products on the market. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from the most local suppliers available and developed in a lab in Stockholm before produced and shipped to our warehouse.

As a part of our Gun Ana philosophy, we believe in the importance of giving back to our communities and environment. 1% for the planet is an initiative that was launched in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard from Patagonia and Craig Matthews from Blue Ribbon Flies. We hope to inspire other businesses to do the same - you can read more about this initiative here.