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The Cloud - Eye Mask


Our award-winning hero product, The Cloud, is a one-of-a kind, innovation in sleep mask technology and design. Its full face wrap design and soft square base provides a light-blocking shape and the ultimate sleep mask comfort whether you sleep on your side, back or front. Gone are creases and lines on your face from inferior eye masks. With a pillow-y padded design, it glides over your face and settles onto your eyes with a soft, cloud-like sensation.

We would love you to discover the benefits of a full and prolonged night's sleep - the ultimate beauty treatment - with the help of The Cloud.

Made from 100% mulberry silk in 22 momme. Comes in three colour variants.  Please note the darker shades of The Cloud have a greater light-reducing qualities, so if this is your priority, select accordingly.   

Packaged in a reusable cotton dust bag for travel.

– Prevents friction damage to hair and skin 
– Prevents hair loss and hair thinning 
– Prevents sleep lines and wrinkles
– Keeps hair and skin hydrated 
– Battles bacteria
– Temperature regulating
– Hypoallergenic.

Product info

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