Our New Routine

The Wave - Silk Scrunchie


When we created The WAVE, our mission was to create the most gentle, effective hair tie. 

This statement piece is a true hero for all hair types. We added the innovation of a spiral coil inside to support the big, fluffy silk scrunchie to hold all hair types and stay in place all day long without any damage. 

Includes one printed silk hair tie with spiral inner made from 100% mulberry silk in 22 momme, that will take care of your hair.  OEKO-Tex certified. Each scrunchie is 4cm wide.

– Avoids hair creasing and crimping
– Gentle, yet strong enough to hold all hair types - from fine to very thick
– Remains in place all day long
– Avoids damage to hair when applying, wearing and removing from the hair. 

Product info

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