Eyelash Curler


A professional eyelash curler for long-lasting expertly curled lashes with a salon quality eyelash curler from the brow and lash experts. 

With Xlash Eyelash Curler, the sky is the limit. A makeup artist favourite, our professionally designed, slim, stainless steel eyelash curler is as effective as it is sleek; simply open the curler over your lashes, close, hold for a moment and release for an instant lift.

Its bouncy silicone pads require less force when curling - a result within seconds and avoids breaking or pinching. 

      Product info

      Open the curler and position the curler near the roots of the lashes, then squeeze the curler gently on the lashes and hold in place for several seconds. Repeat several times in an outward and upward direction until desired curl is achieved.