XBROW Eyebrow Serum (3ml)


XBROW Eyebrow Serum helps you grow fuller, defined eyebrows from a minimum 28 days of consistent use. The product’s quality, efficacy and safety have been proven through dermatological and ophthalmological tests.

XBROW contains the same effective ingredients as the best-selling XLASH Eyelash Serum. However, because the skin is thicker at the eyebrows than the eyelashes, it’s harder for the serum to penetrate and be absorbed by the roots. It may take longer to see results on the eyebrows than your eyelashes. XBROW comes with a soft padded applicator that has been developed specifically for application on the brows.

The Formula:

The XBROW formula consists of – among other things – peptides, natural plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients. Some of the main ingredients are Biotin Peptide, green tea and hyaluronic acid. Biotin Peptide is a combination of biotin and peptides and one of the active ingredients that help eyebrows grow longer, stronger and fuller. Green tea works in several areas but one of the biggest benefits of the ingredient is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps create a gentle formula. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and provitamin B5 help to make eyebrows stronger.  Moisturizing is one of the key factors for healthy eyebrows and hyaluronic acid is a potent moisturizing ingredient. It binds moisture, which means that small amounts can have a significant effect.

Made in the EU.

        • 1. Make sure your face is cleansed of any make up, your eyebrows have no other product on them, and the surrounding skin is clean.
        • 2. Using the applicator brush, apply a strip along each eyebrow in the direction of growth, being careful to steer clear of your eye.
        • 3. Allow the product to absorb, it is best applied an hour before going to bed.
        • 4. Do not rub into the eyebrows.
        • 5. The product needs time to soak in, so don’t go reaching for make up or eyebrow pencils straight away if you are applying the serum at any other time.
        • 6. Use once a day for best results.
        • 7. After 30 days, keep up with applications twice a week to maintain your healthy new eyebrows.

        Your eyebrows have been exposed to the elements every single day of your life through the Sun’s UV rays, cold weather extremes, pollutants, the list goes on. You may also have reached for the tweezers along the way or relied on waxing to shape unruly brows, but this has only put your skin and hair follicles through stress and discomfort, possibly for many years. Long periods of abuse can cause damage to any part of your body and your eyebrows are no different, if you have damaged the hair root you may be seeing slower regrowth or areas of sparsity that weren’t there before.
        With the Xbrow Eyebrow Conditioner, getting your eyebrows back into shape couldn’t be easier. To get the fastest and most dramatic results possible use Xbrow after your make up removal routine before going to bed allowing it to do its work while you rest. 

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