Solid Layers


Product Description:

Welcome to Layers! An innovative, adhesive gel nail polish that takes less than three minutes to apply in the comfort of your home. Application is simple and without mess, harmful ingredients or aroma – plus requires no drying time. Each layer protects and preserves your natural nail, while elevating your everyday look by adding colour to your life. With Layers you get a professional, flawless result with every application.

One package contains 20 pre-cut, self-adhesive gel nail polish layers in varying sizes customised to fit all nail widths and lengths. For maximum durability and a flawless result, apply each layer according to instructions. When adding our safe UV LED lamp, the layer hardens, increases durability, and receives a beautiful shine.

Time to remove? Easy! No expensive trips to the salon and no additional products required to remove your Layers. 

Application & removal of your Layers is quick and easy, demonstrated in our comprehensive video tutorial found here to apply, and here to remove. A full Q & A can also be found here

Shade Description:

Poppy Pink - a bold but oh so wearable pink with no excuses.  Mix and match? Combines well with LEO Poppy Pink and why not match your toes with Solid Poppy Pink Toe?

London Blue – “add straight to cart” – this statement blue is universally loved by our customers. Why not match with Solid London Blue Toe?

B. Green – a statement green shade for a statement nail. Fabulous for a bold colour dresser! Mix and match? Combines well with LEO B. Green.

Burgundy Red - a deep and classic red shade for those of you who like to match the colour of your nails with the wine in your glass. Solid burgundy red Layers with glossy surface.

Lady Red - one of our most popular shades, elevate your look with a classic red to match every outfit. Mix and match? Combines well with LEO Lady Red or Single Love Lady Red and why not match your toes with Solid Lady Red Toe?

Pale Coral – what is not to love about this shade? A universal gentle coral meets apricot shade.

French Manicure Classic – a classic French manicure is perfect for any occasion, from everyday to elevated, and never goes out of time. Semi-transparent layer with a white French tip.

Light Pink – the "perfect colour" for summer, a light pink with a glossy finish.

Heavenly Blue is the "it colour" for summer and combines well with Leo Heavenly Blue. Single solid colour in light blue with a glossy surface.

Dahlia Purple - 

Minnies Swag is a wavy pattern that gives you the illusion of longer nails. A base of Semi Natural Nude gives your nails a beautiful and natural look that decreases the contrasts of the growth of your nail.

Product info

Once you receive your order and prior to use do not store your Layers where they will be exposed to heat, moisture or sunlight. Do not store them in the refrigerator, however. Instead store inside a cool, dark place, for example inside a clothing drawer.

Layers should not be exposed to sunlight or heat before or during application.

Once you have opened your Layers, place it carefully back inside the UV protecting foil covering.

Once opened our Layers last for 6 months, if they are stored correctly, as above.

Applying and removing your Layers is quick and easy as demonstrated in our comprehensive video tutorial found here to apply, and here to remove, or at the bottom of each product page. A full Q & A about Layers can also be found here.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Fragrance-free
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe

Love'n Layer how to guide


We have created an easy-to-follow step-by-step video tutorial, ensuring a professional result when applying your Layers.