HOW LONG DOES ONE LAYER LAST ON THE NAILS? Long, in our experience! When applied correctly, your Layers should last weeks, or more. We find most people want to replace them after 2-3 weeks, depending on nail growth.

HOW DO I REMOVE MY LAYERS? DO I NEED NAIL POLISH REMOVER? Nail polish remover (or an expensive trip to the salon) is not needed! Simply 'peel' off the layer, by detaching or lifting the Layer from the base corner of your nail and continue to gently peel off. You can use an oil to encourage removal if you feel necessary to loosen the nail. Following removal, there should be little, to no, residue left on the nail itself. Wash your nails with hand soap or a nail brush.

CAN I ADD MORE THAN ONE LAYER ON EACH NAIL? Yes, you can layer our Layers! Note, the surface of the nail will become slightly thicker with additional layers. Apply the first layer then use the lamp and then wipe clean the surface. Then apply the second Layer.

DO LAYERS WORK ON DENTED OR GROOVED NAILS? Absolutely! Be sure to press the Layer firmly against the nail bed to ensure there are no air pockets underneath.

OU CUT OR FILE YOUR NAILS ONCE YOUR LAYERS HAVE BEEN APPLIED? Of course! We recommend excellent preparation of your nails prior to application, however you can continue to trim and file your nails while your Layers are worn.

CAN YOU CUT THE ACTUAL LAYERS PRIOR TO APPLICATION TO CHANGE OR ALTER THEIR SHAPE? Of course! If required, you can cut the shape, width or length of Layers prior to application.


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS TESTED ON ANIMALS? No, never. We are 100% vegan brand.

DOES THE LOVE'N LAYER UV LAMP OMIT DANGEROUS RADIATION? No, you can relax! The UV Lamp does not omit harsh radiation and is a fraction of a salon UV lamp. The UV Lamp is simply required for the Layer (lacquer) to harden and gain its fantastic gloss and durability. As a comparison, you get more radiation from being outdoors for one minute.

DO THE LAYERS STAIN OR LEECH PRODUCT ONTO THE NAIL BED? No, not at all. You will not experience any leeching or staining from wearing our Layers.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES? We are constantly striving to lead the way in this space! As well as minimising waste in our manufacturing processes, our Layers are 100% biodegradable and our UV Lamp is made from recycled plastic. Our outer box is recyclable and our layers sheet is soft plastic recyclable. We are always open to additional tips and suggestions.