Common Clouds

Moon Patch


When blemishes go big or show up as a gang? Trust the moon's magic to calm things down. A bigger pimple patch in the shape of a half-moon, Moon Patch is designed for larger breakouts and pimple clusters. Made from vegan hydrocolloid that minimises the look of pimples in as little as 6 hours, and Centella to calm skin and soothe redness. The half-moon shape is ideal for the nose, chin, jawline, back or wherever you get many breakouts at once. Under the moon, your skin is at peace.

Each set includes 15 extra large moon-sized patches (measuring 41mm by 23mm).

Want to know more? Please read our FAQ HERE for a comprehensive overview of the most commonly asked questions - whether you are a newbie or a seasons pimple patcher!

Why do we love it? We could talk about why for hours! But let's break it down!

First, we made Cloud Patch, which we think is the best pimple patch on the planet. But we soon realised that sometimes we need something for more major breakouts, like pimple clusters or those super-sized pimples where a cloud simply is not big enough. So, we designed an XL pimple patch. Same proven ingredients, but a new size and shape.

The half-moon shape is specially designed to fit the chin, jawline, back or wherever you get many breakouts at once.

Moon Patch is designed to be as thin, soft and invisible as possible without compromising on function or results. The bevelled edges and ultra-thin material make every moon blend almost seamlessly into your skin, no matter your skin tone.

Every moon is infused with a super-calming cocktail of three types of bio-active Centella asiatica-extracts (Asiaticoside, Madecassic acid and Asiatic acid). Centella’s anti-inflammatory and calming properties make it a must-have for sensitive, acne- and redness-prone skin. Under the moon, your skin is at peace.

Hydrocolloid – the material technology used in Common Clouds patches – has been around since the 1980s, and is the golden standard in wound care because of its moisture-trapping abilities. However, not all hydrocolloids are vegan. Common Clouds is a vegan brand, so naturally, we made a vegan pimple patch.

Moon Patch and the ingredients inside are tested on human pimples, never on animals.

Moon Patch works on all skin types and fits into any skincare routine. We also ensured that it blends into all skin tones.

Apply on and wait. That's it.

Product info
Pimple patches should always be applied after cleansing on clean, dry skin. For best results, pop it on before doing the rest of your routine.  How does Moon Patch work? Happy that you asked!

IT ABSORBS PIMPLE FLUID Moon Patch is made from hydrocolloid – a superstar, science-backed material that creates the optimal conditions for your skin to heal in. It helps to absorb fluid and gunk from the pimple in as little as 6 hours.

IT CALMS WITH CENTELLA We infused every moon with three types of Centella Asiatica to calm redness and sort out any anger issues your skin might have.

IT COVERS PROTECTS Moon Patch forms a physical barrier that shields the affected area from picking fingers and unwanted bacteria that can aggravate the inflammation. Under the moon, your skin is safe.
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Fragrance-free
  • Silicone & Paraben Free
  • Oil-control
  • Pore refining
  • Blemish-control
  • Repairing