ARE COMMON CLOUDS PATCHES VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE? Yes we are 100% vegan brand. Our cloud patches are tested on human pimples, not animals.

HOW DO I CHOOSE BETWEEN CLOUD AND MOON PATCH? Cloud Patch is made for use on individual pimples (although it comes in two sizes within each packet), whereas Moon Patch is created for pimple clusters and XL-breakouts. We recommend you keep both at hand to keep you covered for all pimple situations. The formula is the same for both patches.

WHAT SKIN TYPES CAN USE YOUR PIMPLE PATCHES? Our patches are made for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Common Clouds loves all skin!

WHICH STEP IN MY SKINCARE ROUTINE SHOULD I APPLY MY CLOUD PATCH? Pimple patches should always be applied after cleansing on clean, dry skin. For best results, pop it on before doing the rest of your routine.

WHAT KIND OF PIMPLES DO CLOUD PATCHES WORK BEST ON? Cloud Patch and Moon Patch work best on late-stage pimples that have come to a head, meaning it’s full of pimple fluid and gunk for the hydrocolloid to absorb. If you happen to pop your pimple (it happens!), don’t panic. Put a cloud on it, and the pimple patch will help your skin to recover. We also like to wear our pimple patches on brewing, early-stage pimples to ensure early prevention and picking and to prevent it worsening. Each patch has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Cloud Patch is also good for pimples that are in the healing stages to promote healing and prevent scarring. The most dramatic results will always be on active, ready-to-pop pimples.

CAN I WEAR MY PIMPLE PATCH DURING THE DAY? Yes! Our pimple patches are designed to be almost translucent! They also lessen the appearance and redness of your pimple, so they are an effective way to disguise your pimples without having to cover with makeup!

HOW LONG SHOULD I WEAR MY PIMPLE PATCH FOR? The hydrocolloid needs at least six hours to do its thing and minimise the pimple. You can wear it during the day or overnight. There is no max time limit, but we recommend removing or changing your pimple patch after ten hours.

CAN I WEAR MY PIMPLE PATCH ALONGSIDE ACNE MEDICATION? Yes, even though we always recommend a patch test if your skin is very sensitised. Many acne medications – both oral and topical – can dry out skin and make it more sensitive. The Cloud Patch or Moon Patch don'tcontain any active ingredients that should clash with your prescribed medication, but in some cases putting a hydrocolloid bandage straight on top of topical acne creams can make them more potent. We recommend that you use your topical medication and pimple patch at different times if you are unsure consult your dermatologist.

CAN I USE CLOUD PATCHES WHEN PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING? Yes! Hormonal breakouts during pregnancy are very common, and we know that many women want to find an alternative to acids and over-the-counter creams.


WHY SHOULD I USE A BHA TONER? Salicylic Acid (BHA) is a anti-inflammatory wonder for all skin types. It works particularly effectively on clogged pores or sluggish skin, acne or blemish prone skin, redness and sensitivity. Salicylic acid exfoliates both the skin surface to make it more even in both texture and tone, and treats the lining inside the pores to prevent clogging and pimples. For us BHA is not only Beta Hydroxy Acid, but also Best Hero Always!

HOW DO I APPLY BHA TONER? After cleansing, simply pat a coin size amount of fluid into the palm of your hand and press all over your face. You can also apply it with a cotton pad.

CAN I USE CLOUD FLUID AS MY MOISTURISER BOTH MORNING AND NIGHT? Yes of course! Just don't forget to apply sunscreen afterwards for daytime protection.

IS COMMON CLOUDS SKINCARE ONLY FOR ACNE PRONE OR OILY SKIN? Common Clouds is formulated to address and heal acne or blemish prone skin, however due to its hero skincare ingredients we believe all skin types can enjoy our products - especially if you seek glowing skin that is in optimal health!