Maria Åkerberg

Highlighter/ Eyeshadow Base Powder Brush


Highlighter / Eyeshadow Base Powder Brush is a premium quality fluffy, rounded makeup brush with a gently tapered shape.  It has been specially designed for a quick, and seamless distribution of highlighter, setting powder or all-over eyeshadow base products.

It is ideal for a more detailed application of powder-based products.

Made of high-quality synthetic bristles.
Product info

Highlighter / Eyeshadow Base Powder Brush is ideal for applying powder-based products to the finer points of the face.

To clean your brushes add a couple of drops of Weekly Brush Cleanser in your Brush Cleansing Bowl with a little warm water. Gently massage the brushes against the bottom of the bowl in a circular motion to work up a lather. This will easily remove residual makeup and dirt from your brushes without spillage. Thoroughly rinse the brush under running water (do not submerge in water. Taking care not to let any water run up the shaft, gently squeeze out the remaining water with a tissue or towel. Mold the bristles to their original shape and allow them to dry on a flat surface. 

Cleaning and taking good care of your brushes will increase their lifespan and ensure a professional and hygienic application to your skin.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan