Custom Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Quad: Earth and Clay


Shade Description

With a new updated talc free texture, these carefully selected shades consist of a soft ivory, a subtle ashy brown, a classic brown with cold undertones, and a deep, almost black, shade.  All of these may be used independently, or combined.  

The shades suit anyone from very fair skin, to a darker skin tone, depending on your choice of look.  Use the soft ivory as a base or highlight and define/shade your eyes/eyebrows/lash line with the three additional shades. 

Product Description

This perfectly co-ordinated, light textured, pressed powder quad is manufactured with certified organic powders and plant derived squalene.  It features four natural looking shades which may be used independently or combined for a more sophisticated look for the modern woman on the go.

These harmonised earthy shades will become your eye and brow essentials for highlighting and shading.  Use them independently or blended to create the perfect smoky eye look - they remove the guesswork when choosing which shades to blend.

Storage - avoid storing in sunlight or near sources of heat; tightly close lids when not in use.  Protect from dropping or knocking against surfaces.

Made in Italy. Volume: 12g.

Product info

Wear each shade alone, or mix and match to suit your preference.  Use lighter shades on the eyelid and brow bone, medium shades on eyelid and darker shade in the crease as a contour for a more dramatic effect.

Tap excess powder off the brush before applying and blend edges for a softer look.  

Define your eyeline by applying one of the darker shades close to the lash line, using a thin angled or straight brush.  

To define eyebrows, apply your preferred shade independently, or mix and match to customise as desired.

Clean your eyebrows and brush them using an eyebrow brush or mascara wand.  Dip your flat eyebrow brush into the powder and begin applying from inner eyebrow, working outwards, using light strokes.  Begin with a small amount of brow powder and increase as required.  

Preferred application technique - eye shadow, eyebrow or angled/straight eyeliner brush.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic Ingredients