Our Story

When founder Adam Webb learnt the bleak statistics on climate change and how it will affect future generations, he felt compelled to act. With his own daughter Mabel in mind, he sought to reduce a major contrubutor to pollution - single use products. With this inspiration in mind, Lifelong was born.

Adam set out to create a personal range with reusable or fully compostable components. In addition, by creating a lightweight, liquid-free formula (mixed by the customer) into reusable dispensers, transport emissions are reduced by an impressive 94% from an equivalent liquid product.

Lifelong has many strong partnerships and collaborations, amongst them are The Seven Seas @sevencleanseas where Lifelong generously donates both a percentage of profits from each sale of product as well as their time to aid in clearing waste from our oceans.  

Our Founder

Adam Web, Founder of Lifelong is an experienced, Swedish-born entrepreneur and businessman. Importantly, he is passionate about what planet his children grow up to inherent.

His entreprenerial drive for innovative products that save our planet, formed the basis for his passion project and business. Lifelong.

"Our mission is to help protect the planet with a range of eco-friendly products. We believe personal care shouldn't cost the Earth."

Adam Webb, Founder


All our powder-based products are designed for our stunning, high-quality stainless steel dispensers , designed to last a lifetime. Our powdered sachets and sachet labels are home compostable, meaning that you can put them in your compost bin along with apple skins, orange peels, and other organic waste.

Powdered products also have a much lighter footprint than liquid alternatives. Shipping unnecessary water increases transport emissions, one of the biggest aggregators to climate change. Lifelong decreases shipping emissions by 94%. This means that when you use our service you are actively helping fight climate change, without even changing your lifestyle.

Our products contain 99.4% organic ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. Above all, they are effective and keep their promise to do what they say they will! The Skin Wardrobe offers the complete range offered by Lifelong, including three dispenser variants, shampoo, bodywash and handwash sachets.