Our Story

Our heritage as Scandinavians stands for pureness, simple elegance and grace. It’s synonymous with high quality and a honest, sustainable mindset about production. The combination of the eclectic style and persona of Mattias & Patrik with the Scandinavian heritage results in a unique brand experience that meets international standards. We call it Scandinavian Beauty.

Lernberger Stafsing beauty regime is quite simple, fewer products that fulfil your daily beauty routines. We believe in modern advanced formulations with powerful active ingredients for both young and older hair and skin types. Our passion for science based active ingredients combined with our love for plant based organic extract formulas, helps us create products from heart and knowledge - with superior results. 

The result is premium high-end products, made in Sweden with highly effective ingredients that provide visible, long-lasting results without harmful chemicals to create and maintain luminous and radiant hair and skin.

OUR founders

Lernberger Stafsing is a Swedish company founded, run and fully owned by us – Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing. The company was founded upon the belief that you are considerably more fantastic, remarkable and exciting than you generally show. You deserve a more luxurious everyday where you feel good both on the inside and the outside. 

We are the heart of our brand. Our personal lifestyle, integrity and expertise are what makes our brand unique. The extraordinary people we have met throughout the years, our artistry in skincare, cosmetics and haircare have together provided us with an exceptional vantage point unique to Sweden.

We want our products to reach out to everyone. We believe everyone has the right to effective, healthy and sustainable products - with feeling of everyday luxury. Simply put, you deserve to feel and look better. 

OUR collection

All Lernberger Stafsing products are unique, made in Sweden from our own formulas, crafted by industry experts. Impossible to copy, free from harmful chemicals. Making products out of heart, knowledge and conscience. Making you brighter, bolder and more beautiful.

By focusing on both the inside and the outside we deliver products of the highest quality for a discerning and modern consumer. We care about the inside ingredients effect on the environment and the skin and hair, but only as a prerequisite for making the outside as beautiful, pleasurable and attractive as possible. Contents and surface. Products and packaging. Lernberger Stafsing is always both.

The Skin Wardrobe offers Lernberger Stafsing skincare and haircare exclusively to New Zealand and Australian customers.