Maria Akerberg

Shower & Bath Oil

2017 Nominee: Best Shower/Bath Product

Sweden Organic Beauty Awards. 

Shower & Bath Oil is a beneficial skin oil with a fresh scent of Eucalyptus and Geranium. It is pleasant for both body and soul and adds beautiful all day long hydration and shimmer to the skin.

Eucalyptus Oil, derived from Eucalyptus leaves, has a fresh scent and antiseptic properties. When added to warm water, it vaporizes and provides an aroma bath that brings symptom relief during a cold.  Lecithin, from soybean oil, gives the skin extra resilience by bonding to the skin and supplying much-needed moisture. It is naturally derived from non-GMO soybeans, without organic solvents or chemical bleaching.

Shower & Bath Oil is also beneficial for psoriasis as it softens the skin and allows for gentle exfoliation. 

Made in Sweden.

As a Shower & Bath Oil:
Apply Shower & Bath Oil to damp (or dry) cleansed skin whilst in the shower. Massage it onto the skin, then rinse off excess oil. Note: Be careful as the bath/shower floor may become slippery after application.

As an Aroma bath:
Pour two capfuls into the bath. Relax and enjoy! 

When shaving and for hair removal:
Apply a few drops onto clean, damp skin to facilitate shaving with a razor. For electric shaving or waxing, apply body oil afterwards to prevent red bumps.

Always shake the bottle before use.




Manufacturing:  Made in Sweden. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

Volume: 250ml and 30ml.

This has to be one of my favourite products from this collection. The scent is beyond amazing and it nourishes skin all day long. Applying it in the shower makes life so easy too!
- Catherine

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