Sheer Foundation Brush


The newly designed SHEER FOUNDATION BRUSH is an immediately indispensable companion for MAKETHEMAKE’s foundation products.


This slightly less dense version of our signature Foundation Brush is perfect for a sheer and natural finish. Great for light-to-medium covering foundations as well as for a light touch-up, this rounder, softer variation of our Foundation Brush is a new necessity in our brush range.

You know that you need different brushes to achieve different effects and now MAKETHEMAKE has designed the Foundation Brush you need for a less covered, natural look with a long-lasting effect.

The specially designed brush head and the mixture of smooth and coarse bristles made from ultra-soft Taklon picks up the perfect amount of product on the brush. Combining the application technique and the heat from your skin makes the foundation blend perfectly, for a flawless finish.

Always apply using MAKETHEMAKE’s 2-step system.

Foundation and Tinted Moisturiser

Compatible consistencies: Cream and gel textures

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