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Serum C + Night Cream Duo

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Now available in a discounted gift set duo. Our best-selling and award-winning Serum C (30ml) and Night Cream (50ml).

Night Cream is a nourishing and revitalising night moisturiser suitable for all skin types.  It contains fermented natural Lactic Acid (AHA) from sugar beets which helps to shed dead skin cells. Vitamin A from Rosehip Seed Oil has key anti-ageing properties as it aids skin regeneration and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and scars. It also has a skin-firming effect.  Added squalane prepares the skin for Vitamin A and provides the skin with well-needed moisture after a day of being subjected to external elements. 

Award-winning Serum C is a hydrating energy boost suited to all skin types.  It has anti-inflammatory properties, has a brightening effect on hyperpigmentation and prevents skin ageing. With 10% Vitamin C, made from a unique stabilized concentrate derived from oranges, this serum will help to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation with consistent and regular use.  In addition to Vitamin C, this serum contains Vitamins A and Vitamin B6. Vitamin A stimulates the formation of collagen and Vitamin B6 regulates oil production. This can also make Serum C suitable for people with oily skin and mild acne.

The night cream is best to combine with Serum C to supercharge the effect of each product. When used together, use only at night time as it makes the skin photosensitive.

You save 10% when purchased together.

Made in Sweden. Volume: Serum C 30ml & Night Cream 50ml.

    Product info

    Massage a thin layer of Night Cream after cleansing and applying Neroli Freshener Toner and Serum. When using a serum, this is to be applied prior to Night Cream. The perfect partner is Serum C, which enhances the revitalising effect.  Do not use Night Cream around the eyes. Instead choose a suitable product, such as Eye Cream More.

    • Cruelty-free
    • Certified Organic Ingredients
    • Vegan
    • Hydration
    • Pigmentation / age spots
    • Radiance / glow