Maria Åkerberg

Salt Deodorant


Salt Deo is an unscented, highly effective, disinfecting deodorant which is free from alcohol and aluminium chloride (AICI).  The product does not leave any white marks or stains on clothing and the deodorising effect lasts up to 24 hours when applied correctly. Its disinfecting properties also makes it safe to use directly after shaving under the arms.

Salt Deo is made from ammonium alum, a naturally occurring mineral which was traditionally used in Sweden as a disinfectant and a hemostatic - today its effectiveness is also proven as a powerful deodorant.  Alum is a naturally occurring mineral compound, which does contain aluminum, but in a form that cannot be absorbed by the body.

Made in Sweden.

Product info

Dampen Salt Deo with water and rub on to freshly washed skin for 15-20 seconds, there must be a little friction in order for the salt to loosen. After applying, rinse the tip (only) of the Salt Deo and let it dry before putting the cap back on. Do not fully submerge in water, to avoid it detaching from its socket.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan