Concealer Brush


The CONCEALER BRUSH is an ultra-soft, dense and gently rounded makeup brush. Designed to delicately apply concealer onto the face to brighten under your eyes, flawlessly disguise redness or other unwanted imperfections or blemishes. The round brush shape with medium length bristles makes it the perfect tool for the eye area, easily reaching both under and above the eye. The softness of MAKETHEMAKE’s brushes on your skin means that they are also perfect for sensitive skin. The dense and pliable bristles apply an even amount of product onto the skin and create a flawless, natural ‘soft focus’ finish.

Always apply using MAKETHEMAKE’s 2-step system.

Suitable for:
Pressed and loose powder, liquids and creams.
Concealer, setting powder. 

Vegan and cruelty-free.

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