Common Clouds

Cloud Puff Wrist Bands (pair)


Our beloved Cloud Puffs are back!

Our limited-edition cloud-soft, water-absorbing wash wrist bands are here to keep your arms and sleeves dry (and looking cute!) throughout your daily cleanse. Say goodbye to dripping arms and water-logged vanities!

Each puff features a daily reminder on washing your face with care. After all, skin is the most delicate garment you'll ever wear, so care for it well.

Included in the set is 2 cloud puff wrist bands.

Product info

Apply your Cloud Puffs onto each wrist. Massage a coin size amount of Cloud Wash thoroughly into damp skin to dissolve makeup, sunscreen, excess oil and dirt. Rinse off. Use both morning and night. Safe to use on eyes and to remove eye makeup and is lash-extension safe. Follow cleansing with Cloud Water for a deep cleanse and pore unclogging exfoliation. Apply Cloud Light Fluid for oily/combination and acne prone skin, otherwise a suitable day or night moisturiser from.
 TIPS FROM THE SKIN EXPERT: "Too hot water can dry out skin and weaken your oh-so-important barrier. Instead, use lukewarm water. And remember to have a separate (private!) towel for your face and wash it every week – especially if you have acne-prone skin."
– Maria, Co-founder & Beauty Director