(M)Anasi 7 Microbioskin™

"A multifunctional, microbiome-friendly skin & body care collection for a simple and minimalistic beauty routine made with exclusive and effective active ingredients. Organic, natural, vegan, plant-based, fermented, bio-tech, microbiome-friendly, upcycled, waterless, TEWL reducing, small batch and made for all Skin types."

Susanne, Founder of (M)anasi 7


The Microbioskin™ collection is based around super-powerful, skin barrier-repairing organic products respecting your skin's s pH level. We use probiotics, prebiotics, and the best microbiome-friendly ingredients.

When the pH is optimised, the skin can better defend itself against pathogenic microorganisms. As your skin's microbiome is boosted, the skin barrier's health is fortified and restored.

Your skin consists of several layers, all of which are essential in protecting your body. The epidermis is the thinner top layer of the skin barrier and the outermost layer of the epidermis consists of dead skin cells made up of sturdy skin cells called corneocytes that are held together by lipids. The corneocytes contain keratin and natural moisturizers, while the lipid layer contains choles-terol, fatty acids, and ceramides.

The skin barrier is vital for your body’s function and needs to be protected — without the barrier, you would become extremely dehydrated. For the Microbioskin™ collection, we use probiotics, prebiotics, and the best microbiome-friendly ingredients. Research shows that these ingredients offer excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our mindset is to see our skin as a living, breathing ecosystem that needs support to thrive.


As a natural and organic brand, we love working with plants and their extracts. In line with our sustainability goals, we collect discarded ingredients from organic food and beverage waste. They need to be in good, fresh condition so they can then be transformed through bio-fermentation into active ingredients. By reusing the valuable natural resources in our soils as much as possible, we can help reduce our environmental impact by supporting circular production that is good for both our skin and the planet. Upcycling reduces environmental pollution and greenhouse emissions.


Primary packaging bottle and dropper made of recycled and recyclable glass. Bulb is made of silicone.

Recyclable paper secondary packaging.

Shelf life from production date is at least 36 months.

Shelf life opened is at least 6 months.

Store by tightly close dropper bulb on products when they are not in use. Avoid direct sunlight or near sources of heat.

Recycle bottle and cap - Recycle bottle and dropper as glass. Return the bulb to The Skin Wardrobe Beauty Box Zero Waste Binwith TerraCycle®. You can read more about this system HERE.

Recycle paper boxes - Recycle as paper cartons.


Most traditional and conventional skincare formulations contain between 60% and 80% water. By decreasing the use of regular water from our formulations we increase the concentration of active ingredients to ensure super potent and multifunctional skincare essentials that tend to last longer and at the same time being eco-friendly and not stripping the earth from regular water. We believe in using less, but better products for your skin and the environment.