About The Skin Wardrobe


The Skin Wardrobe introduces you to a curated suite of high-performance Scandinavian skincare, cosmetic and hair care.

Our mission is to remove the ‘overwhelm’ and confusion that can result of the plethora of skincare and makeup choices
offered in today's market. We focus solely on brands worthy of your investment - brands that deliver results, use scientifically-proven ingredients and act with a conscience. 

Much like our wardrobe, our skincare and makeup needs evolve as we move through the stages of our lives. At The Skin Wardrobe we take the time to listen to your personal skin story, allowing you to effortlessly select the right products that do the work for you. With us, you will never be left with a cluttered skin wardrobe and ‘nothing to wear’.

We want all our customers to feel their most confident and radiant ‘skin selves’ and believe this is possible at any age or stage in life. 

The woman behind the wardrobe

Our founder

Catherine Tong, Founder of The Skin Wardrobe, developed an appreciation for Scandinavian innovation, quality and design whilst living in Stockholm, Sweden.

It was on this journey that she developed a close friendship with entrepreneur and skin therapist, Annica Forsgren-Kjellman. Some years later and following Catherine's return home, Annica shared her newly launched brand MAKETHEMAKE. Catherine was awestruck by the results on her own skin, the quality and beauty of the products and MAKETHEMAKE’s vision for the future - ‘no more bad skin days’.

It was this serendipitous moment that inspired Catherine to take a giant leap of faith.  She quit her corporate career in Human Resources, returned to Sweden for a time to immerse herself in the science of skincare and set about redefining her new purpose. In late 2018, The Skin Wardrobe was born. Catherine curates Scandinavian brands which she believes are a good fit for her customers - a region at the forefront of skincare innovation.

Having faced her own skin challenges earlier in life, and now as a ‘mature skin’ customer,  Catherine is proof that
consistently using the right skin routines and the right products delivers positive results. Every brand and product has been personally selected and trialled by Catherine, earning its well-deserved place on The Skin Wardrobe shelf.  

To start your own skin journey, make an appointment with Catherine here, visit our studio or take our online skin test.