Simplifying my skincare routine with (M)anasi 7

Written by: Jane Bell

A change in lifestyle

I have been a regular, long-term customer of Catherine’s and The Skin Wardrobe and a lover of all of her amazing products! Due to a recent lifestyle change, I decided to simplify my skincare regimen. We now no longer live in the city, swapping it for the far North (Coopers Beach) and a more laid-back life. Summer was spent wearing lots of sunscreen (Lernberger Stafsing Sun Defence Cream, of course!), combined with salt water, sands and fishing.

I wanted to adjust my morning and evening skincare to match my new lifestyle and decided a change of routine was needed.  When Catherine launched the (M)anasi 7 skincare range, I chatted with her to get some advice and decided to purchase the routine. I have normal to dry, sensitive, mature skin. 

The Routine 


Prior to the Cleansing Balm being launched, I was using the Lernberger Stafsing Gel Cleanser and Toner, then applying the Botanical Serum and finally the Botanical Face Oil as my final skincare step. Note, I also pat the serum around my eyes and on my decolletage. My night care routine was the same but with a double cleanse.

Botanical Serum Chanua
Botanical Face Oil Armonia

(M)anasi 7 Botanical Serum Chanua feels beautiful to apply to the skin. It absorbs quickly and smells delicate and feminine. The ingredients alone are all selected for the properties they bring to the skin, and to have all of them in this little bottle of goodness is simply amazing. This is a new staple in my skin wardrobe. It is pricier, but it balances out when you look at a simplified regimen. The bottle is so beautiful, and the dropper works perfectly – only 2-3 drops of serum is required. It is truly a product that does what it says and outperforms similar products I have tried.


(M)anasi 7 Botanical Face Oil is a luxurious blend of oils and botanicals carefully selected for their powerhouse of skin-loving goodness. The oil is easily absorbed when patted into the skin (again, 2-3 drops only), leaving a glowing finish, ready for makeup or rest. It works beautifully during the day underneath my powder foundation, leaving no caking in the creases of the eyes.

Botanical Cleanser Caulis
Botanical Cleanser Caulis

When the Cleansing Balm was later launched, I added it into my routine and found the product AMAZING. For me, it trumps all other cleansers. It melts makeup away in a single cleanse (on dry skin), a gentle massage and a warm face cloth. All makeup simply wipes away! At night, with the skin still damp, I do a second cleanse using the same product. The foam from the soap bark is so gentle. The bonus is that you only need a tiny amount each time, so the product lasts ages. I love, love, love it!

Jane Bell

The Results


During the first two weeks, my skin was doing a bit of a purge, but it settled quickly. After two weeks, my skin was glowing, and any redness had calmed down. Fine lines started to plump out, and the décolletage wrinkles (which were starting to be quite prominent) plumped out and almost disappeared! My skin has a softness to touch and feels so nice. It has now been a month on this regimen, and I can honestly say I love both the simplicity AND the results.


Overall, I am very happy with the (M)anasi 7 skincare range - it has exceeded my expectations, and I love the simplicity – with the skin results being exceptional!

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