You may have noticed that French women have a special approach to beauty. It’s hard not to get intrigued by their minimal yet perfect makeup, lit-from-within skin and effortless style. An ‘I woke up like this’-look that embodies that famous ‘je ne sais quoi’ spirit. So how do they achieve it? The French don’t rely on heavy makeup, but instead, they use makeup to enhance their natural features and prioritize their skincare routine to ensure their complexion looks radiant and clear.


The guiding principle of this look is 'less is more' - meaning less time, fewer products and less hassle. Take care of your skin with a good skincare routine that includes products to cleanse, tone, hydrate and protect alongside targeted treatments to tackle issues such as dryness, uneven skin tone and dullness.


The Face Mask. Applying a face mask on a regular basis is a habit French women grew up with. The Hyaluronic Halo Hydrating Mask can be used before makeup or whenever you need  to boost the skin with some serious hydration. It is a moisturising bio-cellulose mask providing the skin with a large dose of moisture and combats signs of fatigue and dullness in no time. Contains tone brigthening Vitamin C, moisturising Brow Algae Extract and soothing Aloe Vera.

The ampoules. Vitamin C Glow Getter Ampoule contains a concentrated formula that delivers an immediate glow to the skin while helping to keep the skin even and clear. Think of it as taking your aesthetician home! A unique formula infused with stable Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Bio saccharides and PHA. These ampoules can work as a course of treatments or as a pre-party radiance boost before applying makeup.


Opt for a light cover of foundation or skip it altogether. A moisturiser and SPF Primer creates an excellent base, then apply a creamy concealer on areas you desire a little coverage. Most of us have some redness, blemishes or pigmentation that we may with to tone down. Use our Ceramide Elastic Concealer or Vitamin B Flawless Filter Concealer, for slightly higher coverage, on these areas and build up to fit your needs. Blend with our Concealer Brush or our NEW Retractable Brush or your fingertips to effortlessly blend the product into your skin. 


Another staple in this routine is a good blush to create a healthy natural flush. A touch of rose or pink on the apple of the cheek can brighten up the whole face. Cream blushes are perfect as they look natural, melt into the skin and are easy and effortless to apply.  To get the look, apply using our NEW Retractable Brush the Vitamin E Blush & Glow Duo exactly where you would naturally flush, such as on the apples of the cheeks, the temples and on the bridge of the nose. Don't forget to blend with fingers of brush to create a soft and seamless result. 


To achieve a natural makeup look you might want to step away from heavily shading and sculpting of your face as this look is less about transforming your face and more about enhancing what you have. Dab a little highlighter from our multitasking Vitamin E Blush & Glow Duo onto the high points of your face to create that lit from within glow and to naturally enhance your facial structure.


The French are huge fans of lash conditioners, and this classic routine involves skipping your mascara and simply giving your lashes a gentle curl using an eyelash curler. If you do like a little bit more definition, go super light with a mascara and use a clean mascara or brow brush to blend off some mascara and get a soft, no mascara look. The Peptide Power Play Mascara contains Peptides that stimulate microcirculation to regenerate new collagen and elastin and provide moisture to the hair. Another option for daytime lash definition is to add a slick of liquid eyeliner with the Black Carbon Eyeliner by gently tracing your natural lash line. For a night out, use the same eyeliner to draw a short wing, creating a bit more oh la la.


 Not everyone is born with natural, full brows. To help nature on its ways use a brow gel with fibers, like the Peptide Building Brows, to build up sparse brows fora  full, yet natural, finish. The gel formula contains Copper Tripeptide-1 which stimulates the capillaries to support the growth of teh hair follicles. For more volume and definition, brush the brows gently upwards as you apply the product. In general, avoid over-plucking and trimming of the brows. Remember, eyebrows are siblings not twins!


 Prep your lips by gently scrubbing them with a lip scrub or buff them using a wet facecloth. Dab and pat the Vitamin E Blush & Glow Duo onto your lips using your fingers for a just kissed finish. Perfect is not the aim for this look.

Now you have completed this effortless French Beauty routine! Remember, you don't have to be French or even like baguettes to pull of this everyday look. In fact, this no-makeup look is perfect for lazy days and busy schedules alike. Embracing that French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest.


MAKETHEMAKE was founded in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. We believe you should never have to choose between healthy skin and makeup. With MAKETHEMAKE, you get active skincare and makeup all in one! Because our clever hybrid products are infused with scientifically proven active skin-caring ingredients., you can strengthen, balance and protect your skin while still achieving a lasting finish and that natural glow we all love. The products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, vegan and never, ever tested on animals.

'No more bad skin days with MAKETHEMAKE'.

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