Maria Akerberg

Neroli Freshener


Neroli Freshener is a refreshing and strengthening facial toner delivered in an ultra-fine mist onto the skin. Key ingredients of essential oil of neroli and probiotic lactic acid bacteria encourage healthy and glowing skin while also preparing the skin for follow up skincare ingredients.  Can also be applied throughout the day as a skin hydration mist and to prolong or reapply makeup.

Suitable for all skin types and as an essential step in your skincare routine.  

Key features include:
  • Facial toner suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Contains ingredients to brighten and activate healthy skin
  • Can be used throughout the day to freshen skin and prolong makeup.

Spray Neroli Freshener directly onto skin after cleansing and prior to applying oil and/or moisturiser. As this product works to balance skin oil product, it can be directed on oilier parts of the face such as forehead, nose and chin.

Neroli Freshener can also be used for eye compresses and as a moisturising and/or refreshing spray throughout the day.




Manufacturing: Made in Sweden. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

Volume: 125ml, 30ml.