Hyaluronic Under Eye Primer


Hyaluronic Under Eye Primer from makeup-infused skincare brand MAKETHEMAKE is a unique and innovative product for the area under the eye. It prepares the skin to provide a perfect nourishing base for concealer or lipstick. Applying the product ensures concealer sits better on the skin, lasts all day long and does not settle in the fine lines around the eye.

As a skincare product, the formula deeply moisturises the skin as it contains low molecular hyaluronic acid. It smooths out the skin's texture and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening the skin barrier (due to its content of exotic seed oil, Sacha Inca. 

  • Unique primer for the area under the eye. 
  • Makes concealer last longer and ensures it does not settle in fine lines. 
  • Has a moisturising and barrier strengthening effect under the eyes. 

TIP: Also use hyaluronic Under Eye Primer around the lips to hold lipstick in place and doesn't settle into fine lip lines. Also can be used alone to nourish and hydrate the lip area.

Made in Italy. Volume: 4g.

Product info

Apply a thin layer under the eyes and towards the temple after skin care and before concealer or foundation. Apply directly onto the lips before applying lipstick or lip stain.





  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan