The Skin Wardrobe

The 'Perfect Base' Makeup Kit


Effortlessly build your own perfect base makeup (and save), based on your skin type and makeup goals. Simply build your personalised kit by selecting your Primer, Foundation and Foundation/Concealer Shade below.

The Perfect Base Makeup Kit includes MAKETHEMAKE primer, concealer, concealer brush and foundation.  The set includes our limited edition stylish MAKETHEMAKE quilted clutch.  

Primer. Choose between our three primer products, depending on your skin type/goals.
Ceramide Elastic Concealer. This is a true hero in our collection, a creamy, butter-like buildable coverage concealer which suits all skin types.  The concealer shade will be matched to your foundation shade selection.
Concealer Brush. An indispensable companion to our concealer.  Also works beautifully as an eyeshadow base brush.
Foundation. Choose your shade in one of our three foundation formats, loose powder, liquid or pressed powder.

Quilted Makeup Clutch is a stylish MAKETHEMAKE makeup bag or clutch. Fabricated from a white, gently quilted, dirt-resistant material with a matching chunky side strap in black and white. The bag has a black washable interior and a sturdy closing zipper. Measuring 24cm * 18cm, it is perfect the size for a makeup routine on the go. 

Total value $175-$185.