Stainless Steel Dispenser - Hand Wash


The Lifelong Stainless Steel Dispenser - Hand Wash is specially designed to hold our innovative powder-to-liquid Hand Wash Replenishment Pouch and holds a generous capacity of 500ml/0.5L.

Each dispenser is fabricated from the highest quality stainless steel and will look good on your benchtop for years to come.  Its sleek and timeless design will look stunning in all environments. 

Measurements: Height: 21 cm / Diameter: 7 cm

Pour the 40 grams of all-natural active ingredients in powder form into our specially-designed stainless steel dispenser (or an alternative dispenser you have at home). Then, add water, shake well, wait 12 hours, shake again, and you've got 500 ml of liquid hand wash! You can also take a look at our instructional video.

Once again, it is so nice to have an endless handwash dispenser that requires no repurchasing other than the pouch. The 500ml size just never seems to end! Definitely recommend you purchase 2 refill pouches at a time so you never have to worry about running out.
- Catherine