Sheer Highlighter Brush


Sheer Highlighter Brush is the softest brush in the entire MAKETHEMAKE collection. This feather-light brush is designed specifically not to accumulate too much product, enabling more even distribution of the product.  It has been created to give a light hint of highlighter, blush or bronzer with an ultra-soft and comfortable feel.

Perfect for applying products on the cheekbones or other contours of the face. Swipe over the face with soft, light strokes.  It also works well when used to blur edges, even eye shadow, or if you want to powder during the day, for example to mattify the T-zone.

Suitable for: Highlighting, contouring

Compatible consistencies: Powder, cream, gel and liquid.

MAKETHEMAKE brush bristles are made from ultra-smooth Taklon, a vegan synthetic fibre designed to deliver a better user experience than natural hair bristles.

Product info

Swipe over face with soft, light strokes. The brush is created to not absorb to much product, in order to provide a natural finish.

Note: Always start with a small amount of product and the brush. The level of coverage can easily be adjusted from light to full coverage by adding another layer until the desired result is reached.

To clean your brushes add a couple of drops of Weekly Brush Cleanser in your Brush Cleansing Bowl with a little warm water. Gently massage the brushes against the bottom of the bowl in a circular motion to work up a lather. This will easily remove residual makeup and dirt from your brushes without spillage. Thoroughly rinse the brush under running water (do not submerge in water, and take care not to let any water run up the shaft), gently squeeze out the remaining water with a tissue or towel. Mould the bristles to their original shape and allow them to dry on a flat surface. 

Cleaning and taking good care of your brushes will increase their lifespan and ensure a professional and hygienic application to your skin.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan