Shampoo Replenish Pouch - Dry & Fine Hair


Powder-to-liquid Shampoo - Fine & Dry Hair Replenish Pouch contains 99% natural, nourishing ingredients effectively cleansing your hair without stripping the hair or scalp of its natural oils. The result is soft, moisturised and protected hair. You may even find you no longer need conditioner when you make the switch to this hydrating shampoo!

Keep in mind that our gentle, oil-based formula is completely sulphate-free, resulting in less foaming and lather than mainstream shampoos. But it's a small adjustment to make for a conscious, healthier choice for a greener planet.  Suitable for all members of your family.

Coming to you from sustainable Swedish planet-friendly brand Lifelong, one 40g compostable pouch makes up a generous 0.5L/500ml of liquid goodness. Couple it with our stunning, high-quality Stainless Steel Dispenser - Shampoo or a refillable dispenser of your own. 

Our powder-to-liquid shampoos feature: 

• A completely plastic-free, compostable pouch
• 94% reduction in transport emissions
• All vegan ingredients, with no harmful chemicals

Made in France. Volume: 40g.

Product info

Pour the 40 grams of all-natural active ingredients in powder form into our specially-designed stainless steel dispenser (or an alternative dispenser you have at home). Then, add water, shake well, wait 12 hours, shake again, and you've got 500 ml of liquid shampoo! You can also take a look at our instructional video.