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Self-Love Kit Indulgence

Welcome to our limited-edition Self-Love Kit Indulgence, expertly curated and lovingly indulgent - offered at an incredible discount. 
Take a ‘me moment’, gift to a loved one or lovingly embrace our most desired brands.

The ultimate self-love moment, the Indulgence Kit contains some of our premium products, including THE CLOUD, the ultimate sleep accessory.

Each Self-Love Kit comes in our signature SW Glow Tote - the ultimate everyday accessory, so coveted by you!

Value $216, you save $66 or 30%.

Our New Routine - The Cloud Eye Mask (Tiger's Eye)
The Cloud, is a one-of-a kind, innovation in sleep mask technology and design. Its full face wrap design and soft square base provides excellent light-blocking shape and the ultimate sleep mask comfort whether you sleep on your side, back or front. Gone are the creases and lines on your face from inferior eye masks. With a pillow-y padded design, it glides over your face and settles onto your eyes with a soft, cloud-like sensation. 

Gun Ana - UV Stick SPF50
The perfect pocket size SPF protection, Gun Ana UV Stick SPF50 is an everyday shield to protect all parts of the face and skin from sun, harsh weather and wind. Enhanced with a fresh scent of cucumber and mint.

Love'N Layer - Toe Layers (Dahlia Purple
An innovative, adhesive gel nail polish that takes less than three minutes to apply in the comfort of your home. Dahlia Purple is a stunning bright, yet easily worn purple that looks stunning contrasted on all skin tones. Perfect for a safe pop of colour this summer!

XLASH - Super Youth Peptide Eye Gel Pads (Individual Pair)
Super Youth Peptide Eye Gels use an active, yet gentle, combination of bakuchiol, retinol and peptides to visibly firm, diminish fine lines and strengthen the skin barrier. Formulated with Korean hydrogel technology.

XLASH - Eyelash Serum, Trial Size (1ml)
Boost your lashes significantly this summer! This is your secret to longer and thicker eyelashes. Harnessing the power of nature and scientifically proven ingredients, this serum will boost volume and strengthen lashes while being kind to your eye area. 

Lernberger Stafsing - Gel Cleanser, Refillable Travel Size (10ml)
A foaming gel cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and impurities without disturbing the skin's balance. It leaves the skin with a smooth and fresh surface that does not feel dry.