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Protecting Lotion Outdoor


Protecting Lotion Outdoor is a nourishing anti-age cream for both face and body which nourishes and protects your skin when battling environmental and weather elements.  It contains beneficial skin ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, moisturising Aloe Vera and UV protective Titanium Dioxide.

Jojoba Oil has a unique blend of fatty acids which are quickly absorbed by the skin, locking in moisture and strengthening the skin's protective barrier. The result is soft, velvety skin.

Titanium Dioxide is a premium natural sunscreen ingredient used in sun protection products safe for both adults and children. Titanium Dioxide is a mineral that is not absorbed by the body as remains on the skin’s surface where it reflects the sun’s rays.  It is the ingredient most often recommended by dermatologists. 

Finally, our Aloe Vera is 98.5% pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis and is considered to be the most effective of all types of aloe. Aloe Vera Barbadensis contains an abundance of active substances, minerals, amino acids and vitamins to nourish your skin's barrier. 

Suitable for all skin types, especially normal/combination and normal-oily skin.

As the final step in your skincare routine, apply a 1-2 pumps of Protecting Lotion Outdoor into the palm of your hand and press or massage directly onto the skin, both face and body. Works beautifully as a primer on the face, before applying makeup. Suitable for normal / combination and normal-oily skin.






Scent: Lavendar, lemongrass and rosemary.

Manufacturing:  Made in Sweden. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

Volume: 100ml.

I love this protecting cream and use it on my face and décolletage as the final step in my skincare routine. I add a few drops of MAKTHEMAKE liquid gel bronzer and mix together to make the perfect glowing makeup primer.
- Catherine

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