Peptide Power Play Mascara


Peptide Power Play Mascara contains peptides that stimulate microcirculation, regenerating new collagen and elastin and providing nutritional moisture to the cilia.  The intensely black formula gives each lash an intense volume and length. Its moisture-proof formula is easily soluble and washed away with warm water. 

Choose a brush for the mascara to customize the desired effect for the definition and appearance of the eyelashes:

1. Coned Brush. Provides precision and maximum volume. Due to its cone design, the brush finds even the smallest lashes, bends them evenly and gives an intense look.

2. Elastic Brush. Provides full contact with the eyelashes to grip and evenly paint from root to tip for a bold and buildable volume.

3. Curved Brush. An all-in-one brush that immediately gives maximum volume and curl to the eyelashes. It lifts, lengthens and curls each lash to an intense look.

Formulated in Sweden.  Made in Korea. 

Gently apply from root to tip of the eyelash. Apply an eyelash primer before for maximum volume and stature.

With Coned Brush - Apply from root to tip. Apply multiple layers for a more dramatic result.

With Curved Brush - Hold the mascara brush horizontally, applying light pressure against the lash roots and then work with zigzag movements from lash root to tip.

With Elastic Brush - Use the soft brush to get down to the root and cover all lashes, spin slowly while brushing layer after layer for the desired volume.

Remove the mascara only with warm water.




Manufacturing: Made in Korea. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Dermatologically tested.

Volume: 10ml. 

What a clever innovation. I love that you can choose your brush design based on how you like to wear your mascara. Definite bonus is it is sweat and waterproof without the harshness of waterproof products to wash off. Simply use warm water. Goes on beautifully and another winner from MAKETHEMAKE.
- Catherine

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