Loose Powder Brush


MAKETHEMAKE's Loose Powder Brush is a luxurious brush specifically designed to apply and distribute the perfect amount of loose powder on to your skin. The design, with its wide, full bristles, combined with the application technique delivers a soft, featherlight result and a ‘soft-focus’ finish. The texture of the brush, with its carefully placed bristles, allows the product and your skin to become one with each other in a very unique way.

Suitable for: Bronzing, setting powder.

Compatible consistencies: Powder, liquids.

MAKETHEMAKE Brush bristles are made from ultra-smooth Taklon, a vegan synthetic fibre designed to deliver a better user experience than natural hair bristles.

Product info
Using our Makeup with our 2-Step System:
Step 1
Liquid products: using your fingertips, apply dots of foundation to the desired areas of your face.

Pressed Powder products: lightly dip the brush into the product and then tap off the excess.

Step 2

Work the product into your skin with light pressure, holding the brush at a right angle to the face. Use short sweeping motions in half-moon shapes, upwards and outwards. Press – blend – press – blend.  Avoid using long sweeping motions. For best results, start from the middle of your face and work your way to the outer edges.

Always start using a small amount of product with the brush. The level of coverage can easily be adjusted from light to full coverage by adding additional layers until the desired result is reached.

Skin Therapist Tip: Loose Powder Brush can also be used to apply liquid and cream bronzers. Spray or apply bronzer to the brush, then blend using light motions over the centre of the face, neck, décolletage and shoulders.

To clean your brushes add a couple of drops of Weekly Brush Cleanser in your Brush Cleansing Bowl with a little warm water. Gently massage the brushes against the bottom of the bowl in a circular motion to work up a lather. This will easily remove residual makeup and dirt from your brushes without spillage. Thoroughly rinse the brush under running water (do not submerge in water, and take care not to let any water run up the shaft), gently squeeze out the remaining water with a tissue or towel. Mould the bristles to their original shape and allow them to dry on a flat surface. 

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan