Maria Akerberg

Liquid Soap Lime & Hand Sanitiser Duo

Liquid Soap Lime (250ml)

Liquid Soap Lime is a nourishing, invigorating liquid hand and body soap with a fresh scent.  Gentle, cleansing ingredients of coconut and corn preserve the skin’s natural, protective acid mantle. Essential Oil of Lime provides a fresh scent. Click here to read more. 

Hand Sanitiser (125ml)

Our Hand Sanitiser offers an effective, organic alternative to the regular antiseptic hand spray. The skin-friendly formula, with hydrating Aloe Vera and aromatic essential oil of Petitgrain, counteracts the dehydrating effect of alcohol and wetting agents and keeps your hands naturally soft and bacteria-free. Click here to read more. 

Value $48, you save $10.

100% natural and organic ingredients. Vegan. Made in Sweden.