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Lip Care Outdoor


Lip Care Outdoor is a nourishing lip balm containing UV protective Titanium Dioxide and soothing Geranium Oil, which soften and smooth your lips.  Its unique formula is designed to lock in the moisture on the lips, preventing dry, chapped lips and reducing fine lines around the mouth. It also acts as a perfect primer to a lip oil or lipstick.

Geranium Oil has many benefits; it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and is commonly used to heals wounds, burns and dry cracked skin.   Titanium Dioxide is the best sunscreen to use in sun protection products and is recommended by dermatologists, for both adults and children.  Titanium Dioxide is a mineral and is not absorbed by the body. Instead, it stays 
on the skin’s surface, where it reflects the sun’s rays. 

The lips are exceptionally exposed to cold and windy conditions, and their skin is very thin, with only 3–5 layers of skin cells, compared to 15 layers on the rest of the body. The skin on the lips may also have difficulties producing enough oil, especially if you have used mineral oil on your lips.

We use plant-based oils instead of mineral oils, such as vaseline, paraffin and petroleum, which can be found in most other skincare products. Mineral oils dehydrate the skin and provide no vitamins. While vegetable oils are more expensive, they nourish and protect the skin. 

As the pollen has been extracted from the Beeswax we use in Lip Care, these products can be used by people who are allergic.

Have you been using lip balm with mineral oil? Then start by massaging the lips with a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin. Rub gently with circular movements. Then apply Lip Care Outdoor alone or as a primer under lipstick or lip gloss.  





Scent: Geranium and Beeswax.

Manufacturing:  Made in Sweden. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Cruelty-free.

Volume: 7ml.

I like this product, it is nourishing and keeps my frequently chapped lips at bay (I work in the outdoors). Bonus is SPF protection for outdoor sports.
- Anonymous male

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