Instant Hydration

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The Instant Hydration face cream is an innovative, refreshing formula that intensely moisturizes for 24 hours. The soothing formula melts into a lightweight formula as soon as it’s applied to the skin, preventing and calming dry or irritated skin. Using glacial water, squalane, peptides, and collagen this face cream is a superior, luxury source for long-lasting hydration.

When it comes to Instant Hydration, there’s no holding back. This refreshing, hydrating face cream moisturizes the skin for an intensive 24 hours and uses glacial water as a key ingredient. The innovative formula turns from cream to liquid as soon as it’s applied to the face, gliding softly to rejuvenate the skin. It uses green tea for a calming and nourishing effect. Peptides and squalane are used to support the skin’s elasticity as well as soothe the skin’s surface to help prevent dry or irritated skin. Ultra-moisturizing collagen is used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while softening the skin’s complexion. Instant Hydration is a refreshing boost of moisture, suitable for all skin types. The use of a light, luxurious formula allows for effortless deep hydration.

- Deeply hydrates the skin for 24 intensive hours.
- Supports skin elasticity with refreshing, moisturizing ingredients.
- Soothes and nourishes to prevent dry or irritated skin.

Made in Korea. Volume 50g.

            Product info

            Cleanse your face before applying Instant Hydration Face Cream. Next, take a moderate amount of product and apply it evenly to your face and neck. Allow the skin to absorb this moisturizer before moving onto any additional steps in your routine. Apply this product to your face and neck daily or as often as needed.

            • Cruelty-free
            • Vegan
            • Gluten-free
            • Adds elasticity
            • Hydration

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