Hyaluronic Lip Oil


A rich moisturising and nurturing lip oil with a unique formula for long-lasting oil gloss.  This oil has a rich texture, with a transparent and glossy finish to enhance and fill out your lips. 

Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya) extracts which smooth the skin, retain moisture and stimulate collagen synthesis. Enriched with Vitamin E and C to enhance the antioxidant effect. 

The oil is rolled over your lips with its innovative applicator.

Formulated and manufactured in Sweden. Made in EU. 

Roll oil over your lips with the applicator.  Can be used alone, or over lipstick to rehydrate and plump your lips.




Manufacturing: Formulated and manufactured in Sweden. Made in EU. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Dermatologically tested..

Volume: 6ml.

I love all your new MAKETHEMAKE products, I am obsessed with the lip oil. I don't even wear anything apart from that at the moment!
- Nat, Mount Brows

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