Lernberger Stafsing

Dressing Brush - Small


This perfect hand polished Dressing Brush untangles the hair, smooths out and gently massages your scalp. By brushing your hair daily with a hairbrush with the perfect balance of natural bristles and long nylon bristles, your hair becomes stronger, smoother and shinier, as the brush helps to distribute the scalp’s natural, nourishing oils along the hair shafts.  The natural bristles are also very gentle on the hair, compared to a comb or a brush with plastic spikes.

Recommended for shorter length hair or very fine hair, also fantastic as a compact journey or 'handbag' hairbrush. Can be used on both damp and dry hair. The brush can also be used on hair with extensions as it is gentle on the hair. 

Can be used on damp or dry hair, and is safe to use on hair extensions.  Use this brush to tease the hair, rather than a comb, to make the tease a little more airy - hair can be teased both close to the scalp and out along the length, without creating a tangled look.

To avoid flyaway hairs, spray a little Hair Spray or Gloss Spray directly onto the brush and brush through your hair.

How to clean: It is important to regularly remove any hair from the brush. The best method is to use a wide tooth comb or another brush. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a small amount of shampoo and allow the brush to soak for a few minutes to dissolve dirt and grease, leaving the brush smelling nice and fresh. If the brush is very dirty it can be soaked in warm water, in which a small amount of baking soda is dissolved.  The oxygen produced when water is mixed with the baking soda helps remove the dirt.

This is the perfect handbag brush! I take it everywhere with me! For the perfect smooth hair.
- Catherine