Bouncy Blender


Bouncy Blender is an ultra-soft, smooth makeup applicator with multifunctional applications.  Made from high-quality sponge, it comes in a stunning breathable calico bag for hygienic protection. 

One end is teardrop-shaped and the other has a flat head and a shaped tip. The Bouncy Blender can be used to seamlessly apply foundation, primer, concealer, powder, cream rouge or other liquid products, creating a perfect result. Provides a professional finish without streaks or joins. The sponge composition ensures minimal product consumption.

Suitable for: primer, concealer, foundation, cream highlighter, blusher and bronzer.

Compatible consistencies: cream, gels, and liquids. 

Product info
For best application, use the Bouncy Blender when slightly damp. It will expand slightly in size, become softer and absorb less product. Apply by patting or stroking onto the skin. Use the flat side to reach difficult areas, use around the nose and under the eyes. Use the drop-shaped part to apply to larger areas of the face. Clean after use with a gentle brush or shampoo cleanser to keep the blender fresh for the next application. Use the supplied mesh bag to air dry the blender after use.
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan