All Over Colour: Ikura


Shade Description

When it comes to make-up, nothing rivals the power of a red shade, and this warm, must-have red is of striking vibrancy.  Feel free to use generously to achieve a stained lip effect.  When in the mood for the perfect statement red lips, keep the rest of your make-up natural.  Its all about balance.  For the fresh outdoor look, just dab gently on lips and cheeks.  Perfect as a blush for deeper skin tones. 

Product Description

All Over Colour is a versatile organic, natural and wild harvested lip and cheek colour, and a contour and cream eye shadow in one product.  It can be used in limitless ways, built-up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with our other colours to create stunning new shades. 

Formulated with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy  nourishing formula glides on effortlessly and blends easily into skin and onto lips for a truly natural flush of colour.  

When gently dabbed, the finish is stain-like and if more layers are applied, the build up of colour gives a creamy finish.  For added shine, apply All Over Shine on top of the colour as a lip gloss or under as a nourishing lip balm. 

As our products are made with natural and delicate ingredients, there are sometimes subtle variations during production.  Use the warmth of your fingertips to swirl around the surface, activating the natural and organic oils and waxes to blend the texture.

Storage - avoid storing in sunlight or near sources of heat; tightly close lids when not in use.

Made in Italy

This creamy and nourishing formula can be worn alone or mixed together for a custom shade.  Use All Over Colour on lips, cheeks and eyes for an endless variety of results.  It applies beautifully when gently dabbed on with the fingers to your skin or lips.  Use the warmth of your fingertips to apply sparingly and blend out.  

Repeat applications give a more intense colour on lips or cheeks.  For added shine, apply All Over Shine Cristallo or Kaito on top of the colour as a lip gloss, or under as a nourishing lip balm.  The pigments are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  Preferred application techniques - fingertips, beauty blender or lip/blush brush.

Storage - avoid sunlight or sources of heat; tightly close lids when not in use.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight or near sources of heat. tightly close lids on products when they are not in use.

Manufacturing: Organic and natural/wild harvested formula, gluten free, cruelty free. 

Volume: 5g.

WOW!!! What a colour, I visited Catherine in her new studio and I was nervous but excited to try this shade. I have never been able to wear a red lipstick but as soon as I put this shade on it melted into the most beautiful reddish pink on me and looked stunning. It gives a healthy looking pink blush and on the lips it is a beautiful pop of colour and lasts really well over the day. This is such a fun colour to play with, take the plunge and try it.
- Jane