Recipe For Men

Advanced Skincare Routine Kit


An advanced skincare routine for men, combining our high-performance skincare steps with an additional grooming team-up with our best-selling Shower Gel and Deodorant.  The Advanced Skincare Kit includes 6 full-sized items:

Facial Cleanser (100ml)A revitalizing facial cleanser that effectively cleans dirt and grease without dehydrating your skin.

After Shave Balm (100ml). A non-oily soothing after shave balm that fights redness and irritation caused by daily shaving. Simultaneously it acts as a light moisturizer that helps your skin recover from post shaving dryness.

SPF30 Face Cream (100ml)An ultra-light, fast-absorbed moisturizer that helps defend your skin from the hazards of immediate and long-term sun exposure. 

Ultra Clean Shower Gel (200ml)This shower gel with grapefruit and energizing guarana brings you the ultimate freshness along with the energy boost you need to get going in the morning. 

Alcohol-Free Anti Perspirant Deodorant (60ml). This alcohol-free antiperspirant deodorant provides outstanding protection. The mild formulation with anti-irritating allantoin and caring shea butter neutralizes bacteria for long-lasting odour control.

Our signature Recipe for Men Toilet Bag.

Spend and save with our sets as they are discounted from purchasing individually. 

See individual linked product descriptions for further detail.

Manufacturing: Made in Sweden. Vegan. Cruelty free. Sulphate free. Paraben free. Silicon free. Dermatologically tested.

Combat signs of ageing with this advanced skincare kit - a full advanced facial routine plus additional grooming products. Simple in its routines, complex in its ingredients. So proud of this high-performance brand.
- Catherine

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